A Distant Sound of Thunder

The Missing Scroll

We arrive at Kyuden Miya and spend the winter sorting scrolls and learning about law and bureaucracy. We are then made yoriki and ordered to report to our Emerald Magistrate, Bayushi Mugotai, in Toshi Ranbo, and also receive an invitation to this year’s Topaz Championship. In Toshi Ranbo we are charged with keeping Crane and Lion from killing one another in the streets. Tatianna continues to have contact with the Ratkin.

Hida makes a tour of the bars, finding the one where the most conflicts are. Torako develops a reputation for favoring the Lion, but in practice she tries to work honorably and fairly. Daiken acts like a total libertine, and is especially vigilant that no fights break out among the women. Tatianna visits random, often odd places around the city and develops a reputation for inscrutability. Asako just wanders around. The general feeling is that the Crane are suffering from having to hold Toshi Ranbo, which might be why Mugotai is in charge.

An Ikoma is accused of stealing a scroll by the governor. It’s one that the Crane had to pressure the Ikoma into giving up. We mee the governer and are given a description of the scroll. It could have disappeared any time from a week ago, but was noticed missing yesterday. Tatianna goes to the kitchens to talk to the servants, but is directed to the cleaning staff. None of them know anything. We go to the library. Only about three Lion and five Crane have visited the library in the time period the scroll went missing. The librarian knows all the library cleaning staff by sight, and nothing unusual happened. The library contents have been assembled from other places since the Crane took Toshi Ranbo. The missing scroll came in with a bunch of the others the Ikoma were asking about. They’re all about great Adoko leaders; they may have been all written by a lineage of Ikoma. Asoko finds the suspect’s lineage; the other authors are all on there. Daiken passes the word for the Daidoji who were in the library.

Torako heads off alone to talk to the Ikoma; Hida promises to give her a head start. When she gets shown to the Ikoma’s study, he’s already halfway out the window, and flees on a horse when he sees her. Torako quickly catches him and leads him back to the house, where everyone else has arrived. We start to suspect that the guy claiming to be the Ikoma, isn’t. The scroll is a history of a certain Akodo. He can’t give a satisfactory answer when asked what importance the scroll had. Turns out “the Ikoma” is actually and actor named Crackjaw, who works for “Big Nose”, the “True Lord of Toshi Ranbo”, who is protecting the actual Ikoma. The servants believe the Ikoma is not guilty.

Daiken interviews three of the Daidoji who were in the library; they don’t appear to know anything. Tatianna talks to Big Nose. Tatianna hasn’t seen the Ratkin all week. Asako summons spirits in the library that lead him to believe the Governor stole the scroll. He allows it to be heard in the palace only that he learned that a man came purposefully into the library when no one was there and took the scroll, hoping to prod the Governor into action.

Mugotai’s theory is that the governor is trying to dishonor the Lion in an attempt to prove his dominance in Toshi Ranbo. After the governor learns that we know what we know, we expect him to try to deliberately plant evidence, so we go back to Ikoma’s house to re-search it. An air spirit tells us no one but we, the servants and Crackjaw have been in here for three days. We go to the theater where the Ikoma kept an office and his most important things. We find the missing scroll among the Ikoma’s things and believe it to be planted by the Governor. Asako summons a spirit of water from the inkwell and asks it to describe who brought in the scroll; it shows a bushi in armor. On our way to Daidoji palace, we pass three Crane magistrates headed toward the theater. Daiken sprints to the palace; Torako stops to pick up Bayushi Mugotai but he’s already there.

We meet Mugotai at the palace; he gives Daiken his blessing. He asks to see the Governor but is kept waiting. Finally he is shown in. The governor is very angry. Daiken hands over the scroll and claims he knows the Ikoma did not steal it. He is grilled as to the circumstances, and Asako implies that Governor is at fault and is challenged to a duel. Then he proceeded to further antagonize the governor and almost gets killed by the guards.

Daiken is appointed Asako’s champion and Hida the second. The duel is set for dusk, and to be to the death.

Daiken drops him in one shot.

The Cursed Sword

The party was invited to a Seppun castle to “watch the wind blow.” Those of us coming up from the south were invited to stop at a Doji daimyo’s house on the way. In the morning, a katana that was a gift from that Seppun turned up stolen. It was assumed that the Crab daimyo across the border, in a long-standing duel with the Crane, had stolen the katana. The shugenja summoned some spirits to question; the earth spirits near the Crane castle were covered in a mysterious dust that seemed to distress them. The party headed across the border to the Crab and talked to the daimyo, who claimed to know nothing, but after the Bayushi bested one of his men in hand-to-hand combat, he allowed us to continue the investigation in the village. The village had very recently been attacked by a large number of goblins. We discovered that the daughter of the Seppun lord was seen in the village but had headed into the mountains. We followed her path, fighting off a group of bandits along the way. We finally caught up to her just as she succeeds in destroying the stolen daisho with a hammer.

She would not say why the sword needed to be destroyed, but allowed the shards to be returned. They do not appear to be tainted. She would only say that the blades were shameful and would shame those who owned them, and implied that her father put her up to it. She refused to return with us to the Doji lands. Tatianna, Daiken, and Torako agreed to escort her to Seppun lands. The rest of the party return the shards to the Doji. Bayushi explains as much as possible to Doji without revealing the Seppun’s involvement, and offers to smooth things over with the Seppun lord. Lily was carrying the shards; her pants started turning green, and she and the Bayushi immediately moved to remove the shards (and pants) from her person. The sword started glowing and a malevolent spirit (gaki) appeared and attacked. Hida and Asako dispelled it, but not permanently. The rest of the party traveled to Seppun lands, constantly on watch in case Otaku became possessed. They consulted the Seppun lord concerning the blade. It once belonged to a samurai who died defending the emperor; however, the emperor was severely wounded, and the samurai believed he died in shame.

The shards of the sword are buried on a bad piece of the Seppun’s land. Hida casts a spirit-repelling spell on the land. We stay two weeks at the Seppun castle. We are informed that we are all on a short list to become imperial magistrates. Seppun promised to email his contacts to have all the party promoted to magistrate. We receive letters with orders to report to Kyuden Miya “for training”. Asako writes a play, then casts illusions concerning the events of the spirit’s death near the land every day in an attempt to show it the truth and appease it. After three days, he gets attacked by the spirit. The rest of the party notices he’s missing at dinner and find him outside, beaten almost to death. After Hida enchanted her sword, Matsu dispelled the spirit again. The next day the party left for Kyuden Miya.

The Topaz Championship

The head of the Badger clan was murdered. The Bayushi was accused of cheating, and all his points awarded to Doji Kuwanan. Later, during the kyujutsu competition he shot an arrow directly at the feet of the Scorpion party and was ejected from the competition. Bayushi, Lily, and Hida discovered a plot to smuggle Unicorn horses and drove off the bandits. Otaku Lily won the Topaz Championship; Mirumoto Tatiana came in second. Tatianna has made friends with a Ratling that no one else has seen. It follows her home. She discovered the body of a dead member of her clan who may have disappeared 20 years ago, apparently the Ratling’s former master.

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