Hand of Jurojin

Earth Spell


Name: Hand of Jurojin
Ring/Mastery Level: Earth 2.
Range: Touch.
Area of Effect: One Target.
Duration: 1 Hour.
Raises: Duration +1/2 Hour, Targets +1 per 2 Raises, Maximum of 5 total targets.

This spell fills the target’s body with the purity and vigor of Earth, driving out disease and pestilence. If the target suffers the effects of any disease or sickness within the duration of the spell, or is already under the effects of a disease when the spell targets him, he may re-roll any failed Stamina roll to resist the disease, with a bonus of +2K0 to the second roll. (However, if the second roll is also failed, the disease has full effect.) An interesting side-effect of this spell is that it also cures the sickness from eating spoiled or improperly prepared food, and it is impossible to for the target to become ill from eating food during the spell’s duration.


This spell was re-created by Asako Kokuei (Kocho Kokuei) in 1120 during Akodo Winter Court in response to an outbreak of the rotting plague. (This spell is most likely not unique, but simply unavailable to those at Akodo Winter Court at the time of the outbreak.)

Hand of Jurojin

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