Dreams on the Wind

Unique Air Spell


Name: Dreams on the Wind
Ring/Mastery Level: Air 3 (Illusion)
Range: 100 feet.
Area of Effect: 50 foot Radius.
Duration: 1 Hour.
Raises: Area +10 foot Radius, Duration +10 Minutes.

Masters of the wind can call upon the breeze to gather and carry aloft a myriad of tiny objects, and in turn craft them into an illusion of exceeding complexity. You can gather every tiny and lightweight object within a hundred feet capable of being carried on a moderate wind and draw them together to form an obvious illusion as complex as the shugenja desires. This Illusion encompases all of the senses within the limitations of the material at hand, though the limitations are not as much as most would imagine. Dew drops on the wind carry all the colors of the rainbow and the subtle scents they once washed away. Though the illusion may appear to be as solid as the things they are illusions of, they are in truth hollow, and can be brushed aside with no more effort than the slightest touch.


This spell was created by Asako Kokuei (Kocho Kokuei) in 1120 during Akodo Winter Court.

Dreams on the Wind

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