Dance of Phantasms

Unique Air Spell


Name: Dance of Phantasms
Ring/Mastery Level: Air 2 (Illusion)
Range: 20 feet.
Area of Effect: 10 foot Radius.
Duration: 1 Minute.
Raises: Area +5 foot Radius, Duration +1 Minute, Range +5 feet.

You entreat the spirits to craft increasingly detailed images from the mind of the shugenja. You may create obvious visual illusions of any object, individual or scene that you can imagine. These Images are mobile, but carry a shadowy or ghost-like translucent quality to them preventing from being mistaken for real. The Illusion may be as simple or complex as desired but must fit within the area of effect.


This spell was crafted by Asako Kokuei (Kocho Kokuei) of the Phoenix at the age of 14. almost 1 year before he had reached the age of Gempuku.

Dance of Phantasms

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