Kocho Kokuei

Phoenix Ishiken


Asako Kokuei (Kocho Kokuei)
Isawa Air Ishiken: Rank 4 (Mist Legion), Asako Inquisitor 2.
Affinity: Air, Deficiency: None.
XP: 7?11? (230) Insight Rank 5

Earth Ring: 3
Stamina: 3
Willpower: 3

Water Ring: 3
Strength: 3
Perception: 4

Air Ring: 4
Reflexes: 4
Awareness: 4

Fire Ring: 3
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3

Void: 4+2 (6)

Bojutsu: 1
Iaijutsu: 1
Jiujutsu: 1
Kenjutsu: 1
Umayarijutsu: 1

Artisan – Playwright: 1
Athletics: 3
Battle: 1
Calligraphy: 1 (Cipher)
Courtier: 3
Craft – Weaponsmithing: 1
Defense: 1
Etiquette: 3
Horsemanship: 1
Hunting: 1
Investigation: 3
Lore – Bushido: 1
Lore – Heraldry: 1
Lore – History: 4
Lore – Law: 4
Lore – Maho: 1
Lore – Myth & Legend: 1
Lore – Shadowlands: 1
Lore – Shugenja: 3
Lore – Spirit Realms: 1
Lore – Theology: 1
Medicine: 1
Meditation: 1
Perform – Tejina: 1
Sincerity: 1
Spellcraft: 1
Stealth: 1
Tea Ceremony: 1

Insight: 225
Honor: 6.0
Glory: 8.0 + Infamous
Status: 4.5

Initiative: 9K4
Armor TN: 25 (30 if Air Domain)
Reduction: -0

Isawa’s Gift (+1 Free Raise to Air Spells)
The World is a Canvas (Spend Void = Summon Fog or False Realm as minor action 5/d)
Eye of the Inquisitor (Complex Action = ready Free Action to force 2 additional raises to opponents spellcasting)
The Trials of Jade (Spend Void = Spell becomes Jade or Crystal for Reduction)

Ally – Yogo Junzo (I4/D1) – Daimyo of Yogo Family
Ally – Hida Fujimaru (I2/D1) – Gunso at Shiro Kuni
Luck x3
Ancestor: Naka Kaeteru (+2 Void, +2 Meditate)
Kiho: To the Last Breath (Void 3) [Kharmic]
Kiho: Touch the Void Dragon (Void 4) [Internal]

Dark Fate
Driven – See Player Secrets
Infamous – Witch Hunter
Major Obligation – See Player Secrets
Social Disadvantage – Rumors about his honor and lineage.

Tempest of Air (Air-1) Innate
Benten’s Touch (Air-2)
Dance of Phantasms (Air-2) (Unique Spell)
Mask of Wind (Air-3)
Dreams on the Wind (Air-3) (Unique Spell)
Legion of the Moon (Air-5)

Elemental Ward (Earth-1)
Jade Strike (Earth-1) Innate
Jurojin’s Balm (Earth-1)
Tetsubo of Earth (Earth-1)
Hand of Jurojin (Earth-2)

Burning Kiss of Steel (Fire-1) Innate
Extinguish (Fire-1)
Fury of Osano-Wo (Fire-1)
Amaterasu’s Blessing (Fire-2) (Huge light spell from 1st Edition)
Mental Quickness (Fire-2)
The Fires From Within (Fire-2)

Path to Inner Peace (Water-1) Innate
Sympathetic Energies (Water-1)
Rejuvenating Vapors (Water-2)

Boundless Sight (Void-1)
Drawing the Void (Void-1)
Touch the Emptiness (Void-1) Innate
Altering the Course (Void-2)
Draw Closed the Veil (Void-4)
Void Strike (Void-4) Innate

Gear: Sturdy Clothing, Fine Robe, White Funeral Robes, Bo/Kaiu Nagamaki, Wakizashi, Jitte, Scroll Satchel, 3 Healing Kits, Traveling Pack, Fine Gaijin Horse (loaned away), Pony.


The Kocho Vassal Family of the Asako are dedicated to maintaining strong ties to the Tansako Vassal Family of the Yogo and aiding them in their search for the cure to the Yogo Curse. By maintaining a tradition of arranged marriages with siblings pairs from unrelated families, they are able to marry one sibling into the Kocho, and one into the Tansaku. Thus many Kocho Samurai are actually first and second cousins to the Samurai of the Tansako Family. Yet this method prevents the Yogo Curse from jumping to the Asako.

Kocho Kokuei was born in 1103 to Kocho Bandai (Formerly of the Fox), and Kocho Kazehime, an Asako Inquisitor. His gift for Void Magic was detected the day he was born like many with the Phoenix Clan. Gifted as well with an exceptionally keen memory, he made a significant accomplishment as a child that was almost unheard of, the feat of creating a unique spell before he had even reached the age of gempuku. The spell he had created was all the more impressive for being one of the second rank.

Chosen to represent the Asako at the Topaz Championship in 1118, he fared well, even winning an Iaijutsu duel against Bayushi Sugai, before being bested by the Ronin Toku. Unfortunately it was not how well he fared at the Topaz Championship that he would be remembered for that year. Wishing to demonstrate his Spell “Dance of Phantasms” he assisted in a play about the lost love of Hantei XXII. With the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII in attendance, Kokuei’s illusions of the dreams of Hantei XXII were exceptionally vivid and well crafted. But by misfortune and coincidence his illusion of Hantei XXII’s lost love was a perfect twin to the current Hantei’s own rumored lost love. The Emperor left in silence, conflicting rumors then spread like wildfire, some saying he was pleased and almost brought to tears, and others, many others in fact, saying he was offended and left instead in a silent rage.

It is still a matter of rumor what the Emperor’s true feelings were.

Kokuei’s life as an adult has been nothing like what he envisioned it would be. Raised on tales of heroism that have been more fantasy than reality has left him with an idealism that does not sit well with the requirements of true Samurai life. He has seen the violence of the Empire in ways he was wholly unprepared for.
After his participation in a play put on in the Emperor’s presence, he was beaten to a bloody mess while asleep and given the warning to “Stay out of the theater”.
He has witnessed duel after duel over the honor of a Crane who had stolen his own scrolls so as to place the blame on the Lion in an effort to reignite the feud between the Lion Clan and the Crane Clan over Toshi Ranbo.
He has been thrust into a battle with a small army of… Well one can only call them “Men dressed in the manner of ninjas”.
He has Aided in the rescue of Akodo Arasou from assassins dressed as his own soldiers.
And most violent of all, he has defended the Great Carpenter Wall alongside 45,000 Crab Samurai from an onslaught of nearly 500,000 creatures from the Shadowlands. His heart is heavy with the pain of having witnessed how barely more than 5,000 of the Crab defending the wall survived after 5 days of intensely brutal fighting.
He has shaped an illusion a hundred feet tall to convince a Scorpion army that attacking Kenson Gakka is not the Emperor’s will, only to crush the morale of the Scorpion soldiers and see them throw their lives away against the Lion rather than disobey their lord.
His later efforts at Toshi Ranbo were able to see the city returned to the Lion Clan almost peacefully, only costing the life of Akodo Arasou, and bringing the Lion Clan the the brink of civil war.

His most inspiring moment since becoming an adult has come from the most unexpected of places…

He has witnessed an army of 50,000 Samurai Led by Matsu Tsuko, march on the gates of Kyuden Akodo. Only to see them swear loyalty and fealty to the chosen heir of Akodo Arasou, his brother Akodo Totouri. That a Samurai as violent and brutal as Matsu Tsuko is reputed to be, could put all pride and ambition aside and be such a shining example of Bushido is a balm to the heart of one who has seen honor cast aside so easily by others.

His body has become a canvas of scars and half-healed injuries. His face bears the mark of his broken nose, and his assault by a gaki attempting to claw his face off in madness fueled anger. His arms bear scars in the dozens from goblin knife, ogre club, and oni claws. His chest and back show the wounds of sword, axe and jagged club, and spear. One such goblin spear has left it’s mark from stomach to back, and another has left him nearly lame with the shattered and still mending remains of his pelvis and right leg.

The glory of war is no reward for the death and blood he has found his fate to be.

Kocho Kokuei

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