A Distant Sound of Thunder

Escape from the Shadowlands

Daiken enlists the help of others to use the power of Kandaisa to improve his stance. Hiruma Makasu invites us to accompany a scouting expedition into the Shadowlands. Lily writes her horse a letter. We acquire some oni-damaging arrowheads and jade-infused sword oil; Susumu gets a jade-studded tetsubo. We are lowered down off the wall scaffold-style with ten scouts and ten shock troops, plus Makasu and Hida Shiroi. The first day is very physically demanding. The second day, tempers are short.

We come to a canyon we can either go through single-file, or take hours to backtrack around. Makasu seems anxious to get to something immediately on the other side of the canyon. We attempt to go through, but are ambushed by rock-throwing goblins and path-blocking ogres. Hidetaka takes the initiative in the absence of any orders by Makasu, and charges the ogre behind us. We defeat the ogre and retreat back out of the canyon, dragging the wounded or unconscious with us. During the retreat, Hidetaka continues to give orders, and Makasu allows him to be in charge.

Sending a portion of the party back to scout, we find we are being pursued by hundreds of goblins, and five zombie Crab soldiers. We fight them off and continue to push on through the night, though nearly everyone is wounded by now. As we march on we are continually surrounded by the goblin army, and are attacked again in the night. At dawn, we come within sight of the Wall with the goblin army on our heels. We turn to defend the rest of the squad as they board boats to cross the river. Before the last of the party can get into boats, Oni-no-Tsuburu appears before us.



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